At Robert C. Fisler School, the Fisler Foundation supports the 1-to-1 Laptop Program, Teaching Innovation Grants, 6th Grade Science Camp, Family Science Night, Science Week Assemblies, Science Olympiad, MobyMax K-8 Common Core Standards software, Middle School Aquaminds Notetaker Software, Minecraft After School Club, 3rd Grade Terrapin Probots, FIRST Lego League Competitive Robotics, 8th Grade Science Award, 8th Grade Technology Award, and more.

*if you cannot pick up a free bag of supplies from school.

Friday 2/26/2021 - "Marshmallow Towers"

Monday 2/22/2021 - "Paperclip Float"

Tuesday 2/23/2021 - "Quacker"

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Wednesday 2/24/2021 - "UV Beads"

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Monday 2/22/2021 - "Water on a Penny"

Thursday 2/25/2021 - "Sink of Float"

Tuesday 2/23/2021 - "Magnet Lift"

Friday 2/26/2021 - "Bouncing Bubbles "

2020 - 2021 Family Science Week is Here!

February 22 - 26

Thursday 2/25/2021 - "Hoop Gliders"

​Access Experiment Presentation here.


Friday 2/26/2021 - "Growing Orbs 4"

Wednesday 2/24/2021 - "Static Electricity Balloons"